marvivo-coverSANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- Despite being an island, the Dominican community overall is unaware of the potential, beauty and magic of the underwater realm surrounding it, according to a scientific diver’s essay, whom has exposed through stunning visual images and scientific data the importance and context of preserving these marine surroundings.4

Mar Vivo, (The Living Sea), written and featuring photos by the author, Guillermo Ricart, civil engineer by profession and underwater photographer by passion, in one of the most detailed and thorough iconographic assessments of the Dominican reefs, each region telling its own tale. The author warns that the marine shores surrounding the island though having undergone severe deterioration due to the irresponsible actions committed by humans, as well as purely environmental causes, still maintain their beauty and suitable spaces fit for practicing amateur and professional scuba diving, asides purely leisure-like visits for the interested tourists.

The researcher emphasizes that there is still time to save our seas and its wildlife, contributing through his photos panoramic sceneries filled with breathtaking captions of the impressive marine fauna residing in the Dominican shores and beyond.

An American researcher, Tracy Bowen, whom served as support to Ricart’s scientific research, pointed out that Dominicans are investing efforts towards preserving the Dominican underwater realm, especially in amphibian, marine mammals and the vast underwater flora and fauna species prospering in the coral reefs.

 The super-format publication of this work, forms part of the Vicini annual publications, and pursues to share the treasures of our shores, so these may be preserved with extreme care against all severe threats: poaching and excessive fishing practices, which endanger all species and to promote specialized tourist visitations as a means to increase tourism in the Dominican Republic.

marvivo-reefThe tour begins with all immersion reports in the northern bank, beginning in the Bay of Manzanillo, touring MonteCristi and its keys, Estero Hondo, Puerto Plata, Cabarete and María Trinidad Sánchez as well as Las Terrenas and Samaná. These zones depict their breathtaking beauty – through stunning visual images- in multiple forms and a vast array of colors.

Guillermo Ricart’s report continues to expose the current status quo of the underwater shores all the way from Samaná, going to Miches, Macao, Bávaro, Punta Cana, Uvero Alto, Cap Cana and Boca and Bahía de Yuma in the eastern bank. From Samaná, a rush of poetic sensibility emerges, where “every little grain of sand tells the story of the island”, making allusion to the shores once being the venue where confrontations took place between the natives and the Spanish settlers. Also pointed out is the beauty and annual pilgrimage of the humpback whales (Megaptera novaengliae), alongside their characteristics, importance as a species and tourist attraction.



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